Club History

In November 1993 members of Rotary club of Karachi Metropolitan floated a new club. In December 1993 an informal meeting was held at the residence of Rtn. Aziz Ham. It was well attended by prospective members and the club was formed. After fulfilling the official requirement of Rotary international a charter was received in April 1 1994 and the club was officially formed under the name of Rotary Club of Karachi Continental.


Rtn. Aziz Hami Rtn. Rais A. Khan Rtn. Hue Morgan Rtn. Ali Asif Ali Rashid
Rtn. Ahsan Zubairi Rtn. Azhar Latif Ansari Rtn. Iftikhar Azam Rtn. Amin Muhammad Lakhani
Rtn. Dietrich Buss Rtn. Farooq Shaikh Rtn. Don Knodt Rtn. Fawzia Naqvi
Rtn. Naheed Beg Rtn. Gul Lakhwani Rtn. Macro Tornetta Rtn. Humayun Latif Hamid
Rtn. Arshad Kazmi Rtn. Minhajuddin Ahmed Rtn. Zubair Miraz Rtn. Ayaz Karim

The club started with 24 members and met at the Hotel Marriott every Monday at 1pm for lunch and fellowship. The club started with a lot of dedication and enthusiasm to follow the Rotary goal; The Club decided as a policy to keep one third of the members expatriate, this was to keep a very consmoplition character and it was also decided that the president of the club will also be alternately shared between Pakistani and expatriate members as much as possible.

The first major project discussed and agreed in principal to be taken by the club was to build a Burns Unit in Karachi.

The first charter Night was held on January 06’ 1994 at hotel Marriott Karachi. The chief guest of the Charter Night was the Chief Minster of Sindh.

The club organized its first Gala Night, the major funds raising event at the residence of U.S. Consul General on November 25’, 1994. The spectacular dinner dance program together – a welly dancing performance was a great a success and a net collection of Rs. 1.1 million was earned. The Club was awarded the best fund raiser of the year award by District Governor

During the year the club funded a project by establishing a national care unit of Contonment Board Hospital Lines Area in 1994-95

1995 saw a new board consisting of following members:

Rtn. Iftikhar Azam President
Rtn. M. Finlay Hon-Sec

The second charter night was held at Hotel Marriott with Vice Admiral Khalil Mir then commander of Karachi as chief guest. Ms. Sheema Kirmani classical dancer, entertained the guests-this event was also a great success.

Unfortuntaely the sameear approximately 6-8 members decided to form a new club by leaving this club for reasons not’ Cever this club continued a grow under R.I consititution and this unexpected set back did not harm the club. Even after this exodus our next charity galaheld at the Austral Trade commission presmises was once again very successful and club made a net gain of Rs. 8,50,000/= second year running the club was awarded best fundraiser award.

During this year several projects were under taken by the club such as:

The next board took over (1996-97) at the grand Charter Night ceremony held at hotel Marriott in Karachi. New board comprised of

Rtn. D. Buss President
Rtn. Rais A Khan Hon-Sec

By this time the board had decided to undertake the main project to built a Burns unit, which was the primary aim of the club. In the middle of his tenure as President Rtn. Buss was transferred to Bombay and Vice President Rtn. Asif Ali Rashid took over. This year again the fund raising fuction of the club brought approximately Rs. 400,000.

It was decided by the BOD that 80% of the amount to be spent on Club’s main project of Burns ward and 20’ b’ on other projects.

The next board was headed by Rtn. Arshad Kazmi, President 1997-1998.

Following Past President leaded the Club from its Charter.

Rtn. Aziz Hami (1994-1995)
Rtn. Iftikhar Azam (1995-1996)
Rtn. Dietrich Buss (1996-1997)
Rtn. Arshad Kazmi (1997-1998)
Rtn. Ayaz Karim (1998-1999)
Rtn. Asif Ali Rashid (1999-2000)
Rtn. Rais A. Khan (2000-2001)
Rtn. Mushtaq Ali Talpur (2001-2002)
Rtn. Nassem S. Ahmad (2002-2003)
Rtn. Shahbaz Qureshi (2003-2004)
Rtn. Irfan A. Khan (2004-2005)
Rtn. Kh. Murtaza Mashooqullah (2005-2006)
Rtn. Mansoor Ali Khan (2006-2007)
Rtn. Abdur Rafay (2007-2008)
Rtn. Naheed Irshaduudin (2008-2009)
Rtn. Mazher Valjee (2009-2010)
Rtn. Yasin Siddik (2010-2011)