Water for Life

The Club is actively supporting a program of “Water for Life” in the Thar Desert. Much before a general awakening of the masses about the suffering of the Thar residents Rtn. Nassim Ahmad has been spearheading the efforts to provide tube-wells and hand-pumps in these remote areas. So far 132 wells have been revived or repaired in Thar and hundreds of hand-pumps have been installed in Mirpurkhas area by RCKC (by National Bank of Pakistan 5 wells, Rotarians of RCKC 50 wells, Rtn. Nassim Ahmed 65 wells, RCKC 12 wells) and the affect it is having on people’s lives is heartwarming.

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NICH Burns Ward

This Burns ward is the only dedicated facility for Children catering to Sindh & Baluchistan. The ward continues to serve as a premier treatment and rehabilitation facility for Burns patients and receives continuous support and oversight from RCKC members.

The Club has been associated with NICH Burns Ward since 1997 and the support continues till today. Over the years the Ward was refurbished, a "state of the art", fully equipped Operation Theatre was also installed.

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RECK’S ANNUAL EYE CAMP – 09.06.2017 to 12.06.2017

For many years, during the month of Ramadan, RCKC holds an eye camp for the less privileged people of interior Sindh. This initiative is headed by Rtn. Mushtaq Ali Talpur who reaches the unreachable, making it possible for RCKC to change the lives of the forgotten people of Interior Sindh. In 2017, 117 people were operated for cataract at the Anklesaria Hospital at the cost of 335,800/=. These surgeries were entirely funded by RCKC Members and the cost of transportation, board and lodge of these patients was also borne by the Club. This initiative is in collaboration with Dr. Xersis and Zenia Anklesaria who performs the operations on gratis basis and also gives lodging to the patients at their hospital.

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RCKC members and friends adopted 16 home schools through ‘HOPE’ where a total of 495 students from deprived families were given functional literacy. These adoptions were sustained for 5 years. Presentaly, RCKC members are still sponsoring 4 home schools. The commitement of RCkC members amounted to per annum

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